Museums and Forts


Museums, repositories of remembrance

There are a number of museums along the Alta Via high altitude Great War hiking trail that hold a historical heritage made up of artefacts and images that are the fruit of study and research by enthusiasts and salvagers to remember events that left a deep mark on territory, inhabitants and landscape.


Forts, timeless witnesses

The forts are military structures that bear witness to the First World War. They were designed as defensive works; you feel a particular atmosphere when you are inside them, an evocative atmosphere that fills you with awe because they bring the tragic events of the past century to light. Some forts have been restored and turned into museums to hold documents, photographs and other traces of the war.

“… il forte Verena con due

colpi squillanti,

metallici, laceranti,

che attraversavano

il cielo azzurro,

intona l’inno di guerra.

A distanza di pochi secondi,

rispondono, da lontano,

i cannoni di Campolongo

e Cima Corbin …”

Dal Diario dello sbarramento

Agno Assa / Agno Posina

Testimonianza del colonnello Fabbri