Alta Via Grande Guerra


Alta Via Grande Guerra

The foothills (Prealpi) of the Province of Vicenza are a territory where nature is interweaved with history and remembrance, creating an indissoluble, tangible link; it guards one of the most precious heritages from the Great War, made up of trenches, forts, walkways, paths and artefacts, but above all of emotions.

This veritable open-air Great War museum has been receiving funds from the Italian Ministry of Culture to help with restoration and promotion since 2001: a project for which the Vicenza Provincial Council, the Unione Montana Spettabile Reggenza dei Sette Comuni (a body that unifies the seven municipalities of the Asiago plateau), the Veneto Region and 24 other municipalities decided to set up a network by creating the Alta Via della Grande Guerra delle Prealpi Vicentine, a high altitude Great War hiking trail through the Vicenza foothills.

It is a trail of historical, cultural and environmental significance, where nature has been blemished by deliberate human intervention, causing scars of a past that must not be forgotten but saved and passed down to future generations as a valuable common resource. The territorial cohesion of the municipalities and the collaboration of various bodies and associations mean, too, that there is a desire to preserve the collective memory of the dramatic human events that took place in these areas during the Great War and keep them alive, with the aim of educating our generation and remembering all those who died for our freedom.

At the centre of the project are the four war memorials, which not only contain the bodies of the fallen (known and unknown) but stand for the tangible cornerstone of our remembrance and liberty. The four war memorials are also symbolised on the arms of the Province of Vicenza: Pasubio, Cimone, Asiago and Grappa.

Over 125 miles of paths branch off from the trail, leading to the various sites of interest: the Great War ecomuseum network, the buildings for remembrance (war memorials, museums, visitor centres), the Italian forts (Corbin, Campolongo, Interrotto, Verena, Lisser, etc.), the Austro-Hungarian forts in the neighbouring Vezzene plateau (Luserna, Belvedere, Spitz di Vezzena, etc.) and various war cemeteries.


Municipalities co-financing the project

The Alta Via high altitude Great War hiking trail is your guide to the history and mountain and foothill scenery contained within the natural limits that gird the valley of the Agno to the west and that of the Brenta to the east, in the fascinating territory of the Province of Vicenza.

24 municipalities have joined in the project, representing a rich network of traditions to discover and live.

Cogollo del Cengio
Lugo di Vicenza
Lusiana Conco
Piovene Rocchette

Pove del Grappa
Tonezza del Cimone
Valli del Pasubio
Velo d’Astico

Project accomplished in collaboration with

The prayer of the Unknown Soldier

“La memoria”

Fratello senza nome e senza volto
da una verde trincea t’han dissepolto.
Dormivi un sonno quieto di bambino,
un colpo avea distrutto il tuo piastrino.
Eri solo un fante della guerra,
muto perché ti imbavagliò la terra.
Ora dormi in un’urna di granito,
sempre di lauro fresco rinverdito.
E le madri che non han più veduto
tornare il figlio come te caduto,
nè san dove l’abbian sepolto,
ti chiamano e rimangono in ascolto.
Oh, se mai la voce ti donasse Iddio
per dire, o madre, il figliol tuo son io.

Renzo Pezzani